Homme qui reçoit un traitement de physiothérapie
Homme qui reçoit une évaluation de physiothérapie

We'll take care of you

We welcome workers and road accident victims in our clinic following a trauma requiring treatment. Our strengths are, first, our multidisciplinary (physiotherapy, acupuncture and chiropractic), second and most important, the fact that you will have one on one follow-up. We do not pair two or three patients at the same time, because we believe that the time spent with a professional is important and must be of good quality.First, an assessment will be made and a rehabilitation plan will be issued. In physiotherapy, follow-ups usually vary between 1 to 3 sessions / week. Depending on your condition, a follow-up will be done with the doctor to determine your return to work plans.

File opening

To open a case/file at the clinic following an accident at the workplace (CNESST), we need:

  • Date of your accident
  • Doctor's prescription
  • Have reported the work accident to your employer
  • CNESST file accepted or awaiting acceptance

To open a case/file following a road traffic accident  (SAAQ), we need:

  • Date of your accident
  • Doctor's prescriptio
  • SAAQ file accepted


We are located on the 2nd floor, you must be able to climb a dozen steps. Should you need any assistance to climb the stairs, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Homme qui reçoit un traitement de physiothérapie

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